Actor Jared Padalecki Is Lucky To Be Alive After A Freak Accident

Jared Padalecki

After social media was flooded with the news, Jensen Ackles gave Supernatural fans an update on co-star Jared Padalecki, who had been involved in a car accident.

The news was quickly spread on social media as fans of Jared Padalecki started to express their good wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery.

“I don’t know if you guys know what’s going on,” said Ackles to a crowd of fans. He prefaced that Padalecki had been okay with him sharing the information beforehand. 

“He was in a very bad car accident,” said Ackles to the shock of many in the crowd. He added that Padalecki had been in the passenger seat at the time.

“He’s lucky to be alive and not only that, he’s home recovering. The fact that he’s not in the hospital right now is blowing my mind.”

Ackles confirmed there were no fatalities in the crash and that Padalecki is “moving around” and will “be back very soon.”

The hashtags #WeLoveYouJaredPadalecki and #GetWellSoonJared trended on Twitter.

“I hope everything is okay with you @jarpad,” wrote one user.

“you mean so much to me and to so many other people. thank you for sharing your beautiful soul with the world. sending you so much love #WeLoveYouJaredPadalecki,” wrote another.