Meet The World’s Poorest President Who Donates 90% Of His Salary

Do you know the world’s poorest president? Those who tend to be in power are thinking about who will fill their stomachs.

Nobody dislikes money, but you’ll be shocked by the lifestyle of the world’s poorest president. His name is Jose Mujica, and he has been president of Uruguay since 2010.

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World's Poorest President

The world’s poorest president, Jose Mujica, donated 90 percent of his $12,000 salary to the poor and vulnerable. Seriously, there are people in this world who act like this guy and the world could have been better than it is now.

This man doesn’t care about what he wears, his expensive lifestyle, or driving big vehicles because he has more important things to care about, the people who elected him. He drives a blue 1987 Volkswagen Beetle and lives in a small country house with his wife and a three-legged dog.

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“We invented something called representative democracy, where we say the majority decides who,” Mujica said in the interview. “So in my opinion, we (the heads of state) should live like the majority, not like the few.”

“I’m not against people who have money, love money, and are crazy about money,” Mujica said. “But in politics, we have to separate them. We have to drive out of politics those who love money too much, they are a danger to politics… People who love money should go into industry, commerce, and multiplying wealth. But politics is for Fight for the happiness of all.”

However, he disagreed that he was the poorest president and made one of the most inspiring statements.

He said: “I’m not the poorest president. The poorest people are people who need a lot of life… My way of life is the result of my injuries. I’m the son of my history. For many years, as long as there was a mattress, I would be very happy.”

He also claimed that a lot of money would deprive him of the time he spent enjoying his passions, such as tending his flower farm and working outside.

The president has shown the world that to be a leader is to serve, not to fill your stomach.