Huddah Monroe Breaks The Internet With Wild Dance Moves [Watch]

Huddah Monroe has taken over the internet with a wild dance moves.

Huddah Monroe is a popular Kenyan socialite who is living her life with a big spoon if what she has posted on her social walls is anything to go by.

After going silent for some time, the petite dark lass surfaced on the internet on sipping expensive wine and dancing to background club music with a lot of zeal.

Huddah Monroe Breaks The Internet With Wild Dance Moves [Watch]

It is not easy to get her dancing and she has never done it before, but this time she has decided to show her fans what her mama really gave her and fans have been left talking about her hot video now trending online.

In the said video clip which has reached our Gossip desk, Munroe can be seen animatedly shaking her body to English music rhythm while in a mansion that looks like her new home which someone has rented for her in one of the leafy suburbs around the city.

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The petite Huddah Monroe likes flying to Dubai where she claims to have secured ‘loaded’ clients who usually fund her expensive lifestyle both in the air and on land.

She has, not once, bragged of her high standards and how she only dates rich business guys; that any broke man should not even dream through a sleep of moving close to her.

Huddah Monroe and Vera Sidika have been the topmost socialites in the country but as time goes by there seems to be another new crop of ladies notably Sherlyne Anyango who is quickly taking over the internet by storm.

Huddah Monroe and the aging Vera will have to up their game if they want to remain at the top of the game as far as a social business is concerned

Here is the viral video and which she captioned: ‘Shαke what your mαma gαve ya! Coz dads don’t got αsss’.