Black Sherif Has Finally Released Hard Warning After Issues With Manager Pops Up [Watch]

Ghanaian sensational singer and song writer, Black Sherif releases a hard warning after issues with Manager pops up in the new video.

Black Sherif has finally come out with a strong warning after DJ Slim who seems to know more about the relationship between Black Sherif and his manager spilled some information online.

It was made clear that DJ Slim knowns the manager we are talking about and the manager has been spending lots of cash on Black Sherif.

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Black Sherif

DJ Slim dive deep into the matter and stated that Blacko’s manager even gave him a brand new car a 2020 Tundra but in less than two months, he crashed the car.

According to the popular DJ, the former manager of Blacko could just walk into a footwear shop and just buy the musician 100 pairs of sneakers.

He shared some videos online to back his claims, he then called on Blacko to come out and speak about the issue.

Now in a new video shared on the Instagram blog, Nkonkonsa, Black Sherif is seen with his usual face the video dishing out some tough words. He seems to be warning his detractors that whatever feat he has attained is by the grace of God and not any human being.

He also sings that without the help of whoever, he can shine alone no matter what happens.

Black Sherif also sings that at a point, people who want to speak to or about him should check their tone.

Watch the video below;