Another Beautiful Lady Killed At Oseikrom This Afternoon (DETAILS)

The latest news from the Ashanti Region suggests that a beautiful lady has been killed at Oseikrom.

The killing or sacrificing of our beautiful Ladies is becoming too much in the country Ghana, we hear this kind of news almost every month and I think ladies should also be careful with how they walk around or who they walk with.

A few weeks ago, we reported an explosion that happened in a town closer to Bogoso, that news was very sad and Ghanaians are still in the healing process but we woke up today to another killing.

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Beautiful Lady

This beautiful lady we are talking about is said to be a university graduate, according to our trusted source, she was raped and killed at Oseikrom in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, this sad incident happened in broad daylight.

One of our representatives in the Ashanti Region went to Oseikrom for details as he heard about this sad event. From what he witnessed, the situation and everything that happened was true and we did very well to interview a person who saw the beautiful lady lying on the floor. Mr. Adu is a hunter at Oseikrom, he gave us what he saw;

"I saw this beautiful lady lying on the bare floor so I decided to call her but there was no response. I turned her body and realized that she has been raped and killed. So I came back to call some of the neighbors around to come and see what has happen this afternoon."

According to the information we had from her family, she went out to look for a job from companies and other institutions. This is very sad news that has to happen in Ghana now.