Ayisha Modi Never Kept Her Promise Of Taking Me To The United States For Medical Check

Ayisha Modi

Ayisha Modi has been trending online for a while today and it’s all about what Psalm Adjetefio said about her.

Ayisha Modi is one of the closest people to Rev. Obofuor and is also considered as the number fan of Stonebwoy. Now in today’s article, Psalm Adjetefio has come out again to make a statement that there are people who never kept their promise of helping him.

Psalm Adjetefio was interviewed by one of the famous bloggers in Ghana, Sammy Kay and he made it known that the number one fan of Stonebwoy only gave him a sum of 600 and not 6000 as it was widely reported.

If you have never heard about Psalm Adjetefio, he is popularly known as TT, he became very popular through his role in the serial drama Taxi Driver aired on local stations over two decades ago. He is in need of money for his medical checkups and also to buy food for his family and himself, he has hit back at claims that Ayisha Modi has done massively well by helping him, he said, Ayisha Modi was unable to keep her promise of giving him 6000.

He also mentioned how Ayisha had promised to send her to the States to have him properly examined in a good health facility as regards his failing health but unfortunately she could not fulfill her promise.

In his words, Ayisha had also said she could liaise with her godfather Treverend Obofour to get him a parcel of land but she never fulfilled her promise. Watch the video uploaded by Sammy Kay.