Our Newly Born Again Moesha Buduong And Mother Warms Hearts In A New Video

Moesha Buduong

A new video of Moesha Buduong and her spiritual mother praising God has warmed the hearts of social media users.

Moesha Buduong is one of the well-known celebrities in Ghana, she is an actress and social media influencer with a lot of followers. She recently gave her life to Christ and became a full-time Christian after going through some difficulties.

The video we saw on social media captures Moesha and her spiritual mother thanking God for his goodness and mercies and blessing her mom for being behind her.

As we can see, Moesha has now left behind her slay queen lifestyle and has also turned her back on worldly things and given her life entirely to God and church. Her new faith attracted lots of buzz on social media a few months ago. At some point, some even thought she was going crazy.

Many Ghanaians are happy to see Moesha Buduong back online after she went off from social media, some are also excited to see her in a calm and sound manner and at the service of God.

Moesha was heard thanking God for her mother’s life and blessing her for being there for her when things were hard and friends probably left her to her fate but now everything seems to be fine.

Watch video below,