Daughter Of Kofi Amoabeng Shares How She Started Her Business With Just GHC 200 & Is Making Over GHC 1.2 Million Profit Every Year

The daughter of Ghanaian businessman, Prince Kofi Amoabeng, Violet Amoabeng has shared how she started her now lucrative business entity.

Per what we gathered, her business is about five years old and according to the beautiful lady, she started her business with just GHC 200 ($45) and now making a profit of about $200,000 every year.

Violet is the Chief Executive Officer of Skin Gourmet and she made this known in a recent interview with Forbes Africa.

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Some reactions from social media users are;

@KomlaTsegah – The daughter of Prince Kofi Amoabeng started her biz with just USD 45.00 & scaled up to USD 200,000.00. Yooooooo we hear wai!

@Frimpongmanso6 – Well it could be true, bt where do dey get these ideas from or I should blame the educational system here

@originalAfote – You be stop this ,$45 for what? Na how much is the containers and printing. Even cost of transportation. She has done well but don’t come at us with the $45 story

@aaron_owusu_T – This feels like when trump faked his riches to make him richer . But wait to 270 cedis to 1,200,000 cedes please in Ghana here ?? Please please