Teacher Surprises Her 10-Year-Old Student Who Loves Music With A Drum Set

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A music loving student who loves playing the drum has received a gift of a drum set from his kind teacher called Stacy Caldwell.

Music is indeed the food for the soul and when someone loves music, it is very hard to take that from him or her. Now, today’s article is all about a 10year old music lover who has been surprised by his teacher.

This boy we are talking about is called Alijah Lockhart, it was said that he lost his drum in a devastating house fire and since then, the music lover has been using an empty paint bucket as a drum for practice. This boy is very determined and from the look of things, nothing will discourage him from doing what he loves.

We spotted this video on Instagram and it was shared by GoodNewsDog, in the video, this little boy was seen practicing his drumming skills by using the paint bucket as I mentioned earlier. His dream of getting a new drum set became a reality as his teacher proudly gifted him one and he is now a proud owner of a brand new drum set.

His teacher, Stacy Caldwell approached him and unveiled the big surprise (the drum set). The boy will also receive some other musical instruments including an electronic drum set, a practice pad, and music books as support for his love for music.

The caption on the post read:

“After his old drums were destroyed in a house fire, 10-year-old Alijah Lockhart was surprised by his music teacher, Stacy Caldwell, with a new drum set. Alijah will also be receiving an electronic drum set, a practice pad, and music books.”