Start 2022 with a smile: Win Big today with 128 well analysed odds from just 5 matches

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Best odds for the start of 2022, investors let win big together.

It is 2022 and football games never cease to exist. There are quite some interesting games today and one can make cool cash today with over 120 odds.

This is betting and as the rules go, betting is risky. There is both a possibility of a win and a lose.

Let us look at five key games that can fetch you big money today.

Arsenal vs Manchester City

Arsenal will prevail victorious in this game. Manchester City is a very tough opponent for the home team. Man city also happens to be league leaders with a lot of points. The away team will have nothing to lose if they lose this game.

Arsenal has been on fire recently and they can’t afford to lose this game.

Watford vs TottenhamIt

will be an interesting game to watch. Both teams will try to win but Tottenham always start the year with winnings. Tottenham will easily win this game.

Crystal Palace vs West Ham

This won’t be a tough game. It will be a normal game today and no team will go home victorious in this game. The match will surely end in a draw.

Black Pool vs Hull City.

This game will also end in a draw. Both teams seem to have equal weight and strength. It will be a big game.

Rotterdam United vs Bolton WandarersIt

will be an easy win for the home team. The number of goals in this game will also be more than two.

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