Video Of Wendy Shay Breaking Her Waist To Entertain Fans Got Netizens Talking

Wendy Shay

Another video of Wendy Shay breaking her waist while trying to entertain fans at an event has got some netizens talking wondering the extent she will go with the waist breaking and a$$ shacking.

Wendy Shay as we all know is one of the hottest female celebrities in Ghana, she has been releasing bangers this particular year with her current one being Break My Waist.

After the release of her current song, Wendy Shay has been seen in so many videos twerking to the song to promote it and many of her fans have then joined the Break My Waist challenge.

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Wendy Shay’s latest song requires you to break your waist while dancing to it and performing the song at an event, she tried her best to get her a$$ shaking while breaking her waist and that got everyone’s attention.

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Almost all those gathered there were interested in how hard she was trying to shake her a$$ which eventually was possible for a few minutes and not the song she was going to perform.

Some netizens reacting to the video applauded her for being able to shake her a$$ this time because there was a time she tried breaking her waist to get her a$$ shaking but it wasn’t possible for her.

video below;