“Return Our Ancestors’ Gold Before I Send Your Money Back” – Ghanaian Guy To A White Man


A Ghanaian scammer has sent a clear message to his white client to return all the gold (money) his ancestors stole from the gold coast, see full article below.

There are a lot of scammers who have been scamming white men for money. These young men find no problem with defrauding white men. This is because they have been told and believe that white men deceived their forefathers in the past and stole their valuable gold, diamonds, and other natural resources.

As many Ghanaians recall, a white man was shown crying bitterly on social media a few days ago after being scammed out of $60.00. Some young African men have been defrauding these white men using ‘juju,’ and before they come to their senses, they have already sent them the money they sought via the internet.

The white man in your picture has been captured in a video call pleading with the young man to send back his money. He didn’t mention the amount that this young man defrauded him but it seems to be huge money. This white man will probably be in his forties and the young Ghanaian man will be in his twenties. All indication shows that the young man defrauded him using ‘juju’.


This is because the white man was sobbing excessively, pleading with the young Ghanaian man to return his money because he didn’t have as much as he thought. This is what the white man said, “Please, send me back my money. Please, I am begging you. My mum doesn’t even talk to me now because of you. God damn it, give me back my money”.

The young Ghanaian man was not even saying anything in the video. He just wrote this caption on the video, “Bring back our ancestors’ gold before I send you back your money”. After that, he showed the money the white man has sent to him in the video. After seeing that, the white man became even insane.

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