‘Beef’: See why Asantewaa And Shatta Wale’s Darling Girl, Ama Shatta Are Trending (Video)


Beef alert, Ghnewslive.com has spotted a new beef between Asantewaa and Ama Shatta, read this article to know what is happening.

Asantewaa is one of the well-known Tik Tok stars in Ghana, she has been on top of the game with her unique videos on the platform. Recently she was gifted a brand new car by her husband for hitting one million followers on Tik Tok.

When it comes to Tik Tok and trending this Asantewaa lady is the queen, in my opinion, she was tagged as the daughter of Ghanaian sensational actor Koo Fori until she came out to clarify that she has a real father and Koo Fori has been a father to her.

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To we have spotted a new beef on Tik Tok between TikTok stars Asantewaa and Ama Shatta, and as usual, Ghnewslive is here to give you full details on what is happening.

I know almost everyone has heard of Martina Dwamena, the famous TikTok star with over 1 million followers popularly known to Ghanaians as Asantewaa. But for Ama Shatta, I guess only a few have heard of her.

She is a fast-rising TikTok star with over 100, 000 followers, a social media influencer, and a young mother. Many call her the darling girl of Shatta Wale because she is known to be one of the biggest fans of the self-acclaimed Dancehall King.

Ama Shatta did a viral video in the direction of the top stars on TikTok, asking why they don’t give the upcoming ones the chance to meet the top colleague stars from different countries especially Nigeria when they host them.

According to her, like it is done everywhere the top stars on TikTok who have been welcoming colleague stars from Nigeria should at least give the upcoming stars on TikTok to also meet them so they can also establish relationships with them.

Then madam Asantewaa after seeing the video got pissed off and decided to reply to Ama Shatta. According to Asantewaa, Ama always claimed to be a proud mother but deep inside her she knows she is not because she slides into people’s dm and begs for money to cater for her child.

According to Asantewaa, she is not the one to cater to Ama Shatta, her daughter, and her twin sister. And as she always calls herself a proud mother, she (Asantewaa) also wants to be a proud mother and for that matter, she is saving her money for her future kids. She even labeled her as a ‘stupid and crazy mother’

In case you also don’t know, Ama Shatta is an identical twin.

Ama shatta

Well, the matter has really turned hot on TikTok as most users who came across Asantewaa’s reply video felt disappointed. Because even in the music industry, the likes of Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, and many top artists are all at a point in their introduced upcoming artists and they are currently doing well in the music scene.

So is there anything wrong with helping your fellow industry player?

Photos Of Ama Shatta And Her Cute Daughter

Ama shatta and duagther