Akuapem Poloo Please delete the photos, there is nothing going on between us – AMG Armani

Akuapem Poloo

AMG Armani pleads with Akuapem Poloo to take down the pictures she posted claiming they are in a relationship.

Akuapem Poloo is one of the finest female celebrities in Ghana, her real name is Rosemond Brown, she is an actress and brand influencer for some companies. Akuapem Poloo was in jail not long ago for posting a picture of herself standing N*ked in front of her son.

It seems like Akuapem Poloo is now having the habit of posting controversial pictures and other content on her social media pages. She has shared some photos and videos of herself together with one of the top members of the AMG BUSINESS, AMG Armani.

Akuapem Poloo captioned the photo she posted with AMG Armani with some love words which got many Ghanaians talking, many went straight to congratulate her for finally finding a man she will be happy with, others also believed it was all for hype and because there is no way Armani will go for Akuapem Poloo.

First of all, see the video she posted below

The funny thing about the whole thing is Armani hasn’t replied or liked any of the posts Akuapem Poloo made concerning their alleged relationship. Now the AMG man is out with a short video sending some calm warning to Akuapem Poloo to take down all the photos and video they took from her page.

Akuapem Poloo lover

According to Armani, nothing is going on between him and Akuapem Poloo, he went on to say that they just met at the gym and Akuapem Poloo herself approached him and said she likes his music and she is also a big fan of him and would like to take some pictures with him which he did.

AMG Armani made it clear that his girlfriend is now having problems with him because of what Akuapem Poloo posted. He pleaded with the Ghanaian actress and brand influencer to take down all the posts she has made about them being in a relationship.

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see the video below.