Young Man, Watch Your Mouth – D Black to Kwadwo Sheldon

D Black

D Black has finally warn Kwadwo Sheldon to be cautious of his word and the ill comments he passes about Ghanaian artistes when they release song.

D black is a successful musician in Ghana, he is known as a rapper and a businessman, he has a record label called Black Avenue Music. D Black normally doesn’t talk or make many posts on social media but he is finally back and this time moved straight to Kwadwo Sheldon.

Kwadwo Sheldon
Kwadwo Sheldon

D Black has expressed his displeasure about how Kwadwo Sheldon talks about Ghana Artiste and he is now asking the Ghanaian vlogger to shut his big mouth if he has no positive contributions to the advancement of the Ghana music industry and stop criticizing artists on his platform.

The Black Avenue boss thinks Ghanaians are not doing well enough to help their stars push the frontiers after it emerged that out of the top 20 songs played in Ghana, 18 have Nigerian origins.

D Black
D Black

Whilst there are many people who support the motion of playing more Ghanaian songs, others like Kwadwo Sheldon think asking for support is a bit entitling, especially when D Black’s popular Team-based nightclub plays more Nigerian than Ghanaian songs.

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See D Black’s post below,

“Young man If u don’t have constructive criticism or positive contributions on how the industry can get better, and how we can take this higher, keep it to urself. No one asked for ur opinion. U sound disrespectful when u speak. Watch ur mouth as well g.”

D Black
D Black’s Tweet


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