A man stole his girlfriend’s 10k to bet with it and won 100M and gave her 10k back. Now she is angry and wants 40M (VIDEO)


A Nigerian man is on the brink of losing his lovely long term relationship to his girlfriend as she demands him to pay her 40M or she leaves.

The whole issue is about what the man in question did and it was narrated that he stole his girlfriend’s money that sums up to 10,000 naira when she visited him.

The man got access to this huge money because the girlfriend placed the money on his shelf when she visited him and forgot to take it back when she was leaving for the saloon.

The man we are talking about here took the money and used it all to stake a bet that spanned for 2 days and promised to pay the girlfriend back very soon. God being soo good the bet eventually came through and he won a whopping sum of a 100Million.

He then hits the girlfriend with this good news and that is where the trouble started.

The lady is now demanding 40M from the money he won since he used her money to play the bet. But the guy on the other hand is refusing this offer because he promised to pay back her 10k and it was agreed.

The guy is willing to give her only 5M out of the 100M because he wants to boost his business.

The lady felt cheated and made it clear that she will move on and she will only change her mind when the guy pay the 40,000,000 she demanding.

The man is now in a state of a dilemma now, he doesn’t want to pay 40M and at the same time doesn’t want to lose his babe.

Watch the video below 👇