Sad News as Couple get stuck while having s3x in Lake Bosomtwi

Lake Bosomtwi couple get stuck having sex in the lake 1

Wondersshall never end as we all know, there is a fresh shocking news about two couple who got stucked together as they were having s3x in lake Bosomtwi

These two lovers we are talking about couldn’t hold on to their feelings while in the lake enjoying. Now they have become popular and also trending on social media as they are stacked together in Lake Bosomtwi which people believe is a straight punishment from the river god.

The little research by has proven that these two couples went to the place with some friends for an excursion, and as the other friends are hanging around and chilling, these two couple took their excitement into the lake and things went far as they started having s3x in the lake.

Now after enjoying their selves in the lake for a while, the man struggled as he tried to pull out, he tried severally but things weren’t working so he started calling friends around for help.

As seen in the video below, the man was the one who called for help by screaming aloud. He pleaded for forgiveness and screamed that the agony was awful.

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Watch the video below: