VIDEO: Opambour Nearly Shows “Pono” On live TV While Preaching

Opambour Prophet 1

Popular man of God, Opambour has sparked reactions on social media after nearly showing “porn” to his congregation on TV during a live sermon.

This video was downloaded from a Nigerian pono hub, and in the video we see a male actor disguised as a fetish priest who was about to suck the b00bs of a female actress who visited him for help spiritually.

Opambour who is also known as Prophet 1 was in the middle of preaching against the schemes used by fetish priests, particularly about those who go about sleeping with their clients, he wanted to utilize the film to explain his sermon and give the message a lot more weight.

They start playing the video and as it was getting more exciting, Opambour quickly instructed his producers to halt the video for the sake of his viewers especially his congregation watching him from home.

See the video below: