Victoria Lebene To Efia Odo – Fix Your Indecent Dressing First Before You Ask Gov’t To Fix The Country

Victoria Lebene

Victoria Lebene and Efia Odo have been in the news over the week and it’s all about a comment Victoria Lebene made against Efia Odo in respect to the #fixthecountry campaign.

Victoria Lebene has been hit back by the #fixthecountry campaigners after making the comment on social media saying, you don’t fit to join the #fixthecountry campaign if your dressing and post on social media are not decent or appropriate.

The Ghanaian Actress this time acted like a typical Ghanaian politician who is heavily against the fixthecountry campaign, she seems to be at the side of people who are defending the government by supporting the #fixyourattitude campaign.

Since day one this #fixthecountry campaign started, it has hit hard on Ghana politicians as they now begin to know that Ghanaians are no more interested in their lies and tricks. Ghanaians are now pressing them to do the right thing as politicians by creating jobs to improve the lives of the citizens.

Victoria Lenene up till now hasn’t made her stands clear concerning this fixthecountry campaign, she spends her time wondering which side will her husband’s tongue goes. She came all-out acting like the advisor to the youth of Ghana by trying to dress properly and decent in public and on social media to make the fixthecountry sane and attractive to others to join.

But her comment or advice on her social media didn’t go down well with most of her fans who also support the fixthecountry campaign, many directed what she said to Efia Odo as she is the only campaigner of the fixthecountry who is known for showing off her raw body on social media, she was also spotted with the fixthecountry banner while part of her body was showing.

Victoria Lebene

This is what she wrote:

“Don’t say fix and not fix yourself! Change starts with us the youths. The old folks will leave, and when we hold the fort, we will account to everything we do! COURSE- Means the Direction, Route, Way, the journey! read and research on things before your comment. THANKS!”