Disappointed Kennedy Agyapong Speaks on press Matters ‘enough is enough’

Kennedy Agyapong politics

Honorable Kennedy Agyapong supports many decisions by the NPP. And that’s not because the NPP is the party he belongs to. But rather, because he believes in some powerful and brainstormed ideas that have a great impact on the growth of this country. Kennedy Agyapong has supported Nana Addo on several occasions and this time, he does not understand what is going on in the country.

According to Kennedy Agyapong, whatever man will do will definitely not please his fellow man. And as a result, he is not surprised at the issues that Nana Addo is facing in building the cathedral for the country. Kennedy Agyapong claims if Nana Addo had left office whiles seeing to it that this grand mosque is built and nothing to point to as a Christian established building, Ghanaians will pounce on him and disgrace him.


Kennedy said enough is enough to these critics and let’s focus on what can send Ghana to the promised land we have all imagined in our minds.

He revealed that we as Ghanaians should ensure that progress is made and goals are set and achieved and not make unnecessary rants about this issue. Kennedy revealed that his disappointment is in some Christians who are insulting Nana Addo even though they will be the same people to complain if Nana Addo refuses to build the cathedral. So what do Ghanaians want?-he further questioned.

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Kennedy also stated that even though he is not the church-attending type, he knows that this will benefit Ghanaians in some way. Many people go for prayers at places that are not even safe and have their buildings collapsing and ending their lives as we witnessed a few months ago.

He revealed that the recent collapse of church buildings ended hundreds of human lives so Ghanaians should support Nana Addo to do this and do it well and avoid the criticizing statements.