MzVee: Being Depressed taught me to say what’s on my mind

MzVee is one of the most loved female musicians in Ghana, she went off from the industry for some time and she returned back to the music scene some few months ago, she recently did a nice song with King Sark, she is now preparing to hit us with an album she calls inVeencible, this album is made up of hot tracks which she featured the top musicians’ likes of Sarkodie, Kojo Funds, Efya, and Falz.

But the Natural Girl hitmaker for some time now hasn’t been seen strong like recently. Though MzVee is one of the most influential and among the top best female musicians in the country almost gave up on music two years ago.

Her music career turns out slow and she really struggled, in an interview, she said “In 2017 it started to get really bad, I went through a really bad depression. I was that kid who was not allowed to socialize or have friends, grew up in a really strict home – they tell you when to watch TV, when to go to bed, when to smile, you can’t cough by heart… so, very crazy childhood.”