18yrs Or 81yrs: Ghanaians Sarcastically Argue About the Age of This Lady


Ghanaians are full of humor. Every single opportunity we get, we try to generate funny comments on the matter and laugh out loud about it.

About the Lady

This lady in question just posted her birthday celebration on social media. According to the balloons she was holding, her new age was 18 years. However, judging from her stature and the size of her boobs, the age appeared a scam to many who had an opportunity to see the image.

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This generated a heated argument about the true age of the lady. For some, she is 81yrs but got the numbers misarranged. Whiles others were also busily trying to use the size of her boobs to attribute an age for her, one Facebook user said her form defiles her age. Ghanaians are just something.

However, the beauty of the lady is unmatched and although she might appear highly endowed in boobs, she still stands a chance of winning herself an honest and caring man in the future. Considering gymnasium and aerobics will certainly make her chances even brighter.

There are associated diseases from sustaining fats at this age. This is what Ghanaians said:


Source: www.ghnewslive.com